Memes I Made For Everyday Life (To Destress or Laugh)

I made some memes.  Take a look, and I’ll add the explanations below (if you care enough about me to understand anything going on in my mind).

Arnold – This one was random.  I saw a picture of Arnold S. and thought immediately of Terminator.  I was in an odd mood, so I tried to think up the most random thing I could – dolphins and dogs trained by robots made by aliens to destroy humanity.  Terminator is waaaay too simple.

Yoda Birthday – Amanda’s Birthday week (Amanda is my wife) was a while back, and I thought that she enjoyed it.  That saturday I sat down with some Dragon Ball Z and celebrated a good week.

I Would Kill – I laugh every time I see this guy’s glare, so I wanted to do something along the lines of “I Drink Blood…Orange Juice at the Farmer’s Market” meme.  I like the unexpected.

Goliath – This was my first meme, and I wanted it to come from scripture.  I think I succeeded ;D

Y U Make Me Happy Owl – Amanda was spending time with me which is normally awesome, but this time it was keeping me from reading for a class – so I made this Owl to represent the moment.  I love this one.

Wide Eyed Dog – This was in honor of my friend Josh Cooke and his Dog, who constantly obsessively wishes for you to toss his ball/stick/whatever.  It will last until you give up.  Forever.

Bear Falling From Sky – Amanda sent me an article about a bear being trapped in a tree. The image was pretty interesting, and lent itself to taking it out of context.  It looks like a bear is falling from the sky.  I love it.

Hope you enjoy.  I don’t know why I’ve been so much into humor lately, but I think it is a good sign.  And lastly, the “Ron Swanson”!


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