Pass It On: Fight the Stereotype – African Guys Use Humor to Debunk Western Entertainment’s Vision

I love this video.  Watch and read my thoughts below.

I’ll be honest.  All the missions trips that folks go on have pictures of little children (usually of color, definitely of another ethnic origin), who are living in poverty.  No doubt, the work that is being done is good, but there is almost always a greater picture than what is presented at the Missions Lunch Debriefing.  Perhaps it is partly our heritage and traditional views, and the ethos presented in Western Film and Photography, but we have a small picture of the world outside (unless we have traveled thoroughly).  I’ve been concerned when Short Term Missionaries come back after a week with photos of the people they are helping, especially in connection with the stories.  People burst into tears talking about the poverty in other lands, but when it comes to poverty in our own areas with people of our own culture, we are often not as emotional.  I sometimes wonder if people from other countries go into our inner cities and poor rural areas, and come back with pictures of children in America who are impoverished in the Appalachian mountains?  We have done a lot for our own people, but in Africa and places across the globe, there are people in their own cultures who are helping out as well.  We need to see and tell the bigger story and give credit to those people who are living lives that will give back to their own cultures and industries.  The world is changing, and our view of everyone out there needs to grow quite a bit.

What are your thoughts?  What did you think about the video?



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