Pass It On: Copehagen Philharmonic Flashmob – brilliant

I remember going on a field trip to Concord, NH to see the Orchestra.  My eyes were not immediately opened to the beauty (I was in Middle School), but once I heard the Star Wars theme song, my heart opened up, and I felt a whole new world opening up.  Sometimes there are barriers that even beauty has to build bridges to cross.  A friend of mine just posted this brilliant Copenhagen Flash Mob, and I am transported to my seat, and my eyes are opened once again.  I simply love this, and perhaps it will awaken you as well:


2 thoughts on “Pass It On: Copehagen Philharmonic Flashmob – brilliant

  1. What I like most about flash mobs—and this is an exceptional example—is how people come together for no particular reason beyond their own (or other’s) joy or entertainment. Pessimism towards human nature is common, but there are plenty of reasons to believe it unjustified.


    1. These flash mobs have always impressed me. At our youth group events, I show one of these every once and a while to show positive examples of often random people working together for a positive goal – even one as simple as providing a moment of elevation beyond the mundane and a step into beauty (like this philharmonic piece). I also love the “People are Awesome” videos, as opposed to the “Fail” and “FML” videos out there. All about the optimism.


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