Personal Moment: The Late Great Mr. Rogers – Remix/Autotune – The Garden of Your Mind

My favorite television show on PBS was Mr. Rogers.  There was a certain time of day when I would come in from the outside (where we were playing) and come in to watch. I would enjoy two episodes.  If I missed them, I was quite upset.  Something about Mr. Rogers really resonated with me.  As I grew older, and learned his story, I was fascinated that he was a Presbyterian minister.  It is apparent that he cared about people very much, or else he would not have spent so much time cultivating and launching the intelligence and curiosity of so many, with such a soft and welcoming tone.  I miss his presence quite a bit.

Here is a digital remix of Mr. Rogers singing called “Garden of Your Mind” done for PBS’s Digital Studio.  I got the chills watching it and am on my third watch.  Enjoy:

It took watching this video to realize I am still mourning the passing of this great man.


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