Breakup By Texting – Don’t Do This (by Tim Elmore)

Tim Elmore (@TimElmore on Twitter) is a great voice in developing leaders in the Millenial generation.  I was tipped off to his books when I visited USCB while talking about starting a Methodist fellowship there.  The Student Life Coordinator swore by his work and wanted to bring him to campus.  I looked into it and have found him to be dead on.

Here is a video he posted about his new book.  It’s hilarious…but can really be true in a way.  Check it out:

If you haven’t read one of his books, google his name and check him out.  Some really good material.  I’ve followed him on Twitter for about a year.  You won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “Breakup By Texting – Don’t Do This (by Tim Elmore)

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’m always looking for new resources on emerging adulthood in today’s culture, but I hadn’t come across Tim Elmore yet. I’m going to have to check out this book at some point. I enjoyed browsing your blog, too. God bless!


    1. If you have a twitter account, check out @TimElmore. I’ve never met him, but “favorite” almost every tweet. I think he’s dead on about a lot of things. Glad to share ;D


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