Being Human: Break Out of the Mold – The Mass Cookie Cutter is “Scary” – Be Original

I was meandering the internets and noticed this clip from Conan Obrien’s late night show (Team Coco, as known on Facebook).  I watched this clip of television reports inanely repeating the same line over and over …and over…and over – ad infinitum.  Basically, there seems to be one writer somewhere who called the shot, and all the reporter does is read a script.  They all did try to put their own panache on the situation.  Inflections were slightly different, they laughed at different times…some left out the “Well” marker, but ultimately, the scene becomes scary as we realize that they’re basically actors/actresses – puppets singing someone else’s song.  Take a look and continue below:

My first gut reaction was the same as Conan’s – “Thats not even funny – that’s scary.”  He’s pointing out something that we really need to be wary of.  In Youth Ministry, I do source culture and have in the past used curriculums.  In fact, for my confirmation class, I have a curriculum from the United Methodist Church that is a guide as to what the church feels is important to pass on to our youth.  Someone wrote it up, placed games, pictures and activities in their.  They even made videos that we showed as discussion starters.  But when it came down to it, it was up to me to convey the passion of faith to our youth. I also had to convey that my individual relationship with  God is unique – not something that the church as pre-scripted for me.  I have the Bible as my guide, I have the church and tradition to remember and help in times of trouble, and the Holy Spirit is like a river flowing through my soul – but when it comes down to it, there is a path and a passion that God gives to me uniquely and I have to communicate that uniquely. If  I did not, the youth would know that I am a fake merely reading a script, and that is what they may do for the rest of their lives.  I can’t do that.

In your life whether a reporter or a pastor or a small business owner or an employee at McDonalds – you have a script that is all your own.  When you repeat others thoughts as your own, you become a robot.  If you agree with something, process it, think it through (deeply over time) and then articulate why it is meaningful to you and your community in your own words.  Don’t just “Scream for Ice Cream” infinitely into the void of ridiculous nothingness.  You are meaningful.  Mean what you say.  Know why you are doing what you do.


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