Observed: General Rules of Facebook Pictures

I’m a big believer that my twitter feed and Facebook statuses are not  a place for a rant, that is the realm of a well thought out blog.  So here we go.

Two developments have made it incredibly easy to share photos between people in the last 6 months.  (1) Thanks to samsung and apple and various companies, nearly everyone has a phone with a great camera on it.  I’m one of those people. But also, (2) Facebook Timeline is incredibly functional as a grid to share almost anything just by “Liking” it.  Pictures are now like water, flowing from profile to profile.

It is a bit crazy.  I have had to unsubscribe from a few people who “like” every picture they see.  It was getting old.

Also, because there are more pictures, I have observed a few general rules of Facebook photography.  For your pleasure, here they are…and I hope that you’ll assess and determine if you’re in any of these categories:

(A) Girls must squish their faces together if they are in the same picture.

(B) If I am by myself, with a phone, and a mirror – I must immediately do a photoshoot, and stick out my tongue at least once.

(C) Cupcakes, Kittens, and Dogs immediately get pics, shared and liked by everyone.

(D) New Babies will get introduced and cooed over almost immediately.

(E) Landscape photos of beautiful views are valid, and seem to pop up wildly as people travel.  Sunsets, mountains, cityscapes.

(F) Harry Potter, Twilight and SuperHero pics and trivia will be shared…and also anything Disney.

(G) Artsy photos (especially black and whites) make artsy people look artsy.

(H) David Beckham.

(I) Guys will wear stupid hats and try to look tough.

(J) Graphic designers faces will be in odd old photos.

(K) I’m glad everyone is having fun with mustaches.  Keep on.

Well, there are many more – but these are what I observed lately. Especially the first few.  Warning: If I see any dragons, fairies, or excessive use of Photoshop, I will likely unsubscribe.  Keep it real people.  Thank you.


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