The Darkness Wants A Victim, Christ Owned the Darkness

I’ve been processing some of the events of our world, and it is easy to become a bit detached.  Even with the hope we have in Christ, darkness can be a bit overwhelming and we have to process, plan, and move forward.  Our talk in youth group last night was loosely themed around Survival, we talked a bit about Aurora and some of the evils that have happened in the recent past.  We also talked about how many films have emphasized a stronger evil, badder bad guys, and villains based on chaos and destruction.  In films such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, and The Avengers, there are bigger than big enemies.  While there is an overcoming in the film, the darkness still seems to hold on and never quite go away.

We then read of the time Abraham was wondering about God’s promises to him in Genesis 15.  He asked about his future heir, a son which he had not been given. God promised again that his descendants would be like the stars in the sky.  Abraham then reminded God about a land that was to be his own – a homeland – since Abraham (Abram at this moment) had left his homecountry of Ur and in faith moved forward trusting in God.  God again promised that there was a place for him – a promised land.

But there was darkness and warning in the promise as well.  Abraham would live long and die peacefully.  He would have a son and there would be a great nation that came from him.  But another nation would enslave them for hundreds of years.  That would be a time of darkness – evil – suffering.  But God again promised that the nation responsible for that evil would be punished, and Abrahams people would go to the land promised to them.

A deep darkness fell.  Abraham had prepared some sacrifices, animals cut and placed in halves as God had asked.  Then a torch appeared, and moved through the pieces.  A covenant, a promise was being solemnified.  Despite the hardships, despite the evil, despite the struggles that would define them – God would fulfill the promises.  All Abrahams family would need to do would be to remain faithful and trust in the one God.

A light broke the darkness and showed the way through what could look like destruction.  With God, evil would never own history or Abrahams people, or the nations of the earth, who would be “Blessed through Him.”  The ultimate light, Christ, would break the spell of darkness and unleash a light into history that can never be hidden.

The Darkness wants a Victim, Christ owned the Darkness.  

Owned, means to be victorious over.  We can live life fully because we do not have to be afraid of evil.  Even in the midst of the Aurora shootings, friends covered friends and saved each other.  Good people came, the shooter was arrested, and he is being tried.  As the stories went out, while we wondered how one person could do so much evil, and we prayed for the families, we are reminded.  Even while destruction walks among us, it is what we do when everything is falling down, that counts.  We are free to act for good every day – and when the darkness comes, we can guard against the chaos of destruction.  Christ is within us, a light that cannot be hidden.

I saw this video today. It was shared by a friend on Facebook.  As you view it, remember the hope that is within us and that has inspired great acts of good and righteousness – all because of what He did for us.  Natalie Grant’s “Alive”:

God is with you. (Joshua 1:9)


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