Thoughts I Had During My Morning Run

I don’t like to lose ideas, so before I lose these ones, I’m going to write them down so I can mine them later.

(1) I’m relating to the Olympics only because I have been pursuing running more seriously.  Discipline means putting aside the lazy thoughts, the doing of nothing, the self centered feeling that “I can do that later.”  There is no later.  Eventually we have to man up and realize that we need to do the Good things Now.  Later never comes – it is always later.  The reward of doing good is more good things can be done.  While we strengthen our spiritual muscles, we are capable of understanding and pushing into the realm of God’s power.

(2) Smashing Pumpkins and The Moody Blues have some interesting musical parallels.  Lots about relationships and the neediness of being young and wanting someone near.

(3) I have plans.  Some are not for this time and I am patient.  I can live with some angst and remember my limitations.

(4) My legs hurt at first, but the music helps me move through it.  Doing a hard thing is easier with music and when someone loves you.  My wife makes me run and music helps me run.  I have both, even when I complain – I appreciate her very much for keeping me in the game.

(5) There are no vehicles until two cars are converging, and I am directly to the right.  Murphy’s law.  A traffic jam in the middle of no apparent traffic.



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