Being Human: A Youth Ministry Stress Dream While on Vacation

Having an life encompassing job means that sometimes it takes a while to get it out of your system.  Even when I am on vacation, I find myself having dreams about my profession, which is Youth Ministry.  Last night I awoke from a dream that had felt completely real.  What I mean by that is that I was genuinely flustered by the situation and was using all my energy and mind power to try to solve the issues associated with the dream.  What was that situation?

In this dream I had been pre-booked to speak all week at a High School Youth Ministry Retreat by a former colleague (aka my former YM Supervisor), Todd.  I was running an incredibly successful retreat with my wife and a bunch of volunteers I currently work with, when I receive a call from Todd’s assistant (Leah), on a Tuesday, and he’s flustered because I had been booked by him that same week to speak – all week.  I was quite a ways away from them, but I figured (it is a dream) that I could get up there asap and finish his retreat.  My wife could run the current retreat (who I believe would destroy me if I’d actually put this into her hands), and I would find a way to get up there.  Suddenly, a cargo plane touches down near our retreat center, and Todd himself jumps off.  The pilot says, “That’s going to cost you, like, a billion skymiles.”  Todd laughs, and jumps off.  He then tells me what I’m about to do and we’re going to fly back.  I am confident that we’ll work it all out and then  I wake up.

I believe that my thoughts were about planning a Youth Retreat when I fell asleep, so this wasn’t expected.  But I am on vacation, though my mind seemed to need a bit more challenge than I’ve been giving it the last few days.  Though I’ve enjoyed the time off, and perhaps this is a break I have really needed.

Do you dream about your job?  


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