Music: Mind Blown by former DC Talk singers integrating into Two top Bands

The Story: So a while back, one of my top three Christian bands, DC Talk, broke up.  It was devastating.  The other two bands were Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline, both of which continued to tour.  The three guys in DC Talk went their own ways.  Toby Mac (the rap/hip hop guy) went on to promote a lot of other great groups and his solo work has blown up (top of the Billboard a few weeks ago).  The other two work on solo projects that were received more in niche markets.  But lately, something big has happened.  Peter Furler, the lead singer for the Newsboys, must have gotten pretty busy with his producing and solo projects, so Micheal Tait (the smooth rock voice of DC Talk) became the lead singer of Newsboys, and the single “Gods Not Dead” and the album associated was amazing. Then, Kevin Max, the high art rock voice of DC Talk, recently took over for the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline.  He had some non-profit work and his voice had some physical issues.  So they released a song Kings and Queens! – and it is amazing.  Seriously – for a 90’s kid listening to Christian rock, then going through DC Talk’s demise – this is such a great moment.

Three Favorite Videos from former DC Talk Guys from Kevin Max, to Micheal Tait, to Toby Mac:

Toby Mac “Tonight”

Newsboys “God’s Not Dead” – Micheal Tait

New Audio Adrenaline Kings and Queens – Kevin Max


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