Pass It On: Six AM Comics Website Updated

Mutant Turtle Strip Six Am

(Click for full comic)

I’ve been involved with my good friend Mark Marianelli for a long time working on an amazing side project called “Six AM”.  Whether it be working on comics, videos, creative characters and new ways to express humor, we’ve done it all.  There have been quite a few transformations as we developed content, and we’ve gone through one more as Mark takes up the project as a personal portfolio/creative project while I work more on Youth Ministry work.  I’ve been throwing him script ideas and he modifies them to his tastes and boom – webcomic.  I love seeing them come out.  The above panel is a play on The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in our “Got Apocalypse” comic strip.  The apocalypse has happened, and Jason, Kal and Stan live in the sewers to stay out of the radiation on the surface.  Cue odd moments like this one.  There are cats, rats, followers, power structures, war, sewers, famine, biblical revelations, and much more.  If you like the above comic, explore the site a bit.  There are several comics  like “Scholars” – college based humor; “Dawn of Six AM” – semiReality based origins of our creative exploits, “GotApocalypse” – post apocalyptic humor, and more (ex. Honestly, Sugar Frosted Sea Bunions, etc.).

Here is the main website:


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