The Griswold Christmas Letter (For Those Who It Didn’t Make it To)

There are a few Christmas Cards that have been returned to us, so I wanted to put out the annual Christmas Card to all those who want to read a bit about what’s happened, and see the COMPLETELY RANDOM Christmas pic we’ve come up with this year.  It really is a year in anticipation of Ransom’s debut in the 2014 card, so we decided – DINOSAURS. It was impulsive, and oh, we had Star Costumes.  So here it is.  Also, I’ve attached our Christmas Letter below – if you’re really interested in our lives…or something.  Much love – Dan
Christmas 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been an adventurous year for the Griswolds.  Amanda has continued to work as a real estate assistant for Tad Segars and has kept busy as the economy slowly grows back to its prior levels. She has continued to volunteer and be the youth groups “first lady” at every event and meeting we have, she is adored by our youth.  Dan has been working hard as we’ve added a third youth group (High School Sunday Nights, Middle School Wednesday, and now a Bluffton group across the bridge from Hilton Head on Tuesday nights).  We have had new families and youth join up and become involved and grow in community and discipleship.  

Also, our church, Saint Andrew By-The-Sea UMC, has started a second campus in Bluffton,  Dan has been helping with various aspects of the official launch of worship services at the University of South Carolina Bluffton Campus.  While we already have a small space with offices and a gathering room for youth group, the University is allowing us to use a large lecture space for worship on Sunday mornings.  The people of our main campus on Hilton Head Island has been grappling with what it means to be “one church, two campuses” and Dan has been learning to juggle multiple roles as the new experiences are pioneered and families begin to join up with us.  It has been an exciting journey.  

This year has also brought some sadness, we had two amazing women in our lives pass away. Amanda’s sister Sharlotte passed away in May. We spent time in LA and NC remembering her life and thinking of the joy and laughter she brought into our lives and the many people in her community.  We met many of her friends in LA, who she considered family, and heard stories of how she helped and looked after others. She was a blessing to many! We also lost Dan’s Great Grandmother Alice, who passed away at 102 years old.  Her funeral was in Culpeper, VA and Dan spent time with family and remembered the fruitful, long and amazing life she lived. Dan had the privilege and honor of officiating both services. They will both be greatly missed but we know that they are both with our heavenly father.

You may remember that we adopted Isabella, or “Bella”, our miniature schnauzer last November, and we are about to welcome a new addition to the family this year.  February 28th is the due date for our first born baby boy!  We are incredibly excited and are making the transition from 10 years of coupled childless marriage to being Mom and Dad.  Amanda’s belly has grown and our baby has been kicking and is quite active.  We have a great midwife group in Savannah, GA that is guiding us through the process and making sure we are healthy and have our ducks in a row.  Every day the nursery becomes more alive and welcoming. 

Overall, this has been quite a year, and we’re looking forward to the next.  Merry Christmas to y’all, and have an amazing New Year!  


Daniel, Amanda, Ransom, and Bella Griswold


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