By The Shed, A Poem I Wrote Using Siri on my iPhone 5s

By the Shed

Gold dancing on white mittens
The round childish face
bouncing in the sky
Dark blank dogs
beneath the shadows
Royal Angels
Courtsy and bow
Poofs poured, cuffs full
In front, the servant, Without robes, wrapped in feathers and nylon skin
Shiff schoff Shiff schoff
He says,
“Come, it’s not even dark.”
Eyes open now, wider and grand
Trails dismember undisturbed
Sheets, spread across
A white canvas
Some mourn lost virgin land
We giggled and laughed
At midnight in the light of
A moon that showed off
The biggest snowflakes
And we sled down the hills
Without a worry
Our dad kept us safe
From the shadows
By the old wooden shed



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