Personal Thoughts and Prayers as we Prepare for Transition

Amanda and I received prayers from Saint Andrew this morning at our Bluffton Campus blessing us as we enter a new phase of life and ministry.

Two weeks ago, Pastor Jim announced my transition at our Hilton Head Campus and I was able to preach on “The Walk to Emmaus” which was a message I needed to hear myself on hearts of fire.

This June I’ll be commissioned as a Provisional Elder in the United Methodist church. Some of the lingo is complicated, but it means I’ll be appointed as a pastor this June, I’ll enter Residency which is with other Prov. Elders for education, growth and support, and I’ll be working for the next few years at my “charge” (aka churches) to become an Elder in Full Connection. I won’t yet receive or wear a stole (but I can wear the clergy collar), and I will be licensed, not yet ordained.

This also means that we will be celebrating and remembering our 6 years of ministry here among our amazing families of StAndrewBTS, and all this journey has brought us by way of challenge and blessing. God brought us here and grew us in so many ways, including the addition of Ransom who comes on the journey with us.

This transition is both overwhelming and stretching as we look at this new horizen of faith, and we know that God is going to do with all of us – great and miraculous things. Pray for us as in our last month and a half as we celebrate Confirmation Sunday, the Surf Camp in Port Orange FL, as well as our remaining Sundays in worship and also remaining weeks of youth group together. Let us remember and see what God has and is doing among us, remembering that despite change, the best is yet to come because we trust in the Lord and follow Him wherever He calls us. Ultimately we are his.

I’ve been told that there will be a celebration May 17th at 6:30 pm at Saint Andrew By-The-Sea’s Hilton Head Campus where folks can drop in and spend some time with us in a fun way with food and refreshments.  I’m announcing this at all our youth groups in a general way (though I am not in charge of running it, thanks to those who are organizing this). Also noting that our church has been interviewing top notch folks from around the country for the position I currently hold, and they hope to have someone to care for our families starting about July.

Our official move date is around June 24th. As of now, as long as nothing momentous happens to move things around, we will be appointed to the Ridgeville Charge of the South Carolina UMC Conference not too far northeast of Charleston.

May the Spirit grow the mission of Christ through us, building the Kingdom with acts of mercy and love, bringing the transforming message of Gods grace to all who will hear and respond, to ultimately bring glory to our Creator whose presence gives us life and peace and unending joy. Amen.


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