About Dan

Profile Shot Dan Griswold at CypressWho is Pastor Dan?

I am the Pastor of the Ridgeville Charge, which is three churches (Trinity, Mount Tabor, and Cypress) in The United Methodist Church of South Carolina.  For those less familiar, we live just outside of Charleston, SC in a very beautifully preserved area.

I’ve also worked 13 years prior in Youth Ministry, at Anastasia Baptist Church (St. Augustine, FL), Grace Chapel (Lexingon, MA), and at Saint Andrew By-The-Sea United Methodist Church (Hilton Head Island, SC).

I’m proud to have been a Master’s of Divinity Graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA.  When I joined and began the ordination in the UMC, I began Methodist Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary and Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

I enjoy writing, and have in the past been a contributing writer for the Pastor’s Column in The Island Packet‘s Bluffton Edition, have written articles on Youth Ministry praxis in UMCSC’s “The Advocate” conference newspaper, and I am part of a creative association known as “Six AM Productions” which has various creative projects including card games, comic strips, and writing projects.  Lastly, I have worked with the Center for Youth Studies based in South Hamilton, MA, under the vision of Dean Borgman; thinking through communication and social media strategies for the Encyclopedia of Youth Studies.

My wife of 13 years, Amanda Dawn,  is incredible, and our son Ransom, now 2 years old, has the energy of a rhino and the gentleness of a baby kitten – alternating infinitely.

I love to talk, write and draw, so this blog is an extension of my scribbles.

The Myth: “I grew up, according to popular legend, in the Great Northern Wilderness. Not much is known beyond the evidence of my rearing: By following the apple and pear trees, you may find a clearing in the vast forests of the north, where bears now live, you will now be in the adolescent testing ground of my youth. By surviving the bear challenge you may be worthy to enter the Wilderness. I warn you however, The Wilderness made me what I am today, and if you go in, you may come out as I have–Tough as nails, and yet sensitive to the emotion of creation. It’s all about respect and love. Journey if you must.”

3 thoughts on “About Dan

  1. Dan thank you for your posting on fasting. This site came up first when I searched “The Art of Fasting.” I too am working on an Mdiv at Iliff. Currently I am reading a biography of John Wesley. And find his transformation during his education years intriguing and somewhat troubling.

    anyway I like your site.



    1. Thanks Tom. I appreciate the feedback. I enjoy writing this blog since it lets me keep my thoughts and share them with others. I am fascinated by fasting and I’ve done it quite a few different ways. Wesley was pretty intense and I respect him for his discipline. Not many can do what he did.


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