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New Japanese Video looks like best of Phantasy Star Online, Zelda Windwaker, Pokemon, Grandia, and Final Fantasy! (warning – cell shading ahead)

The game is Ni no Kuni by the development company Level-5 for the DS and PS3 (interesting combo there).  Below is 13 minutes of trailer and then gameplay of this amazing looking game.  As a gamer, I have some very specific tastes that were developed between the NES – Sega Dreamcast era.  While I do the whole FPS stuff in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, I’ve always had a soft spot for the artistry of games like Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda: Windwaker, and even old Playstation classics like Klanoa and Tomba.  These games presented low stress side scrolling and puzzle solving with interesting story lines and creative universes to explore and conquer.  Modern games too often continually challenge the player so much that it is hard to enjoy the universe.  I like adrenaline rushes like any other, but if that’s the basis of an entire game, after a hard days work, sometimes I just want to explore, enjoy, and feel like I’m escaping into a fun universe.  This game looks like its going to be on my Christmas dockett if it comes over to the United States. It has free roaming in a beautiful environment, sailing on a boat ala windwaker (which I loved btw – windwaker haters begone), and the gamestyle looks to allow the player to think through and strategize in the classic rpg style.  Depending on the portion of the game, there are different perspectives and the developers looked like they had fun making this. It looks like a work of art in progress and I can’t wait to play. Thanks to Kotaku, you can see the game footage below.  Check it out and be excited:

Source: Kotaku

Pass It On: Hardcore Crowd Dances to Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”

I don’t care who you are or if you like the music or not.  Seeing Hardcore Guys and Gals have a dance party to Miley Cyrus’s Party In The USA gives me hope that humanity will eventually be able to overcome our differences and solve the problems of war, hunger, poverty, disease, and self-destruction.  Well, I would like to think so anyways 😉  I find reasons for hope just about everywhere these days!  Thanks @gizmodo for the heads up.  Enjoy the vid and think about how you can overcome a boundary or intolerance in your life 😉

Advice for Beginning Strategies in Kingdoms Live (Storm 8 Iphone War Game)

In the Iphone game Kingdoms Live, I am Muad’Dib (2ps1r) in the GOW clan.  I have been playing for 2 years, almost since the game came out in the first place.  I am level 122 with 15 million and hour in income and I did that without spending more than a few bucks on the game.  We just won a war which is exciting, but I also invited a friend who just received an Android phone to get into the game.  I hope he continues and we can recruit him sometime.  Regardless, I wanted to provide some tips for new players into the dynamics of the game before you start really building your profile.

(1) When you start out – you will find that just about everything in the game revolves around gold. Mana is pretty much useless because in later levels the weapons you receive by doing quests (which use mana to complete) are not as good as what you can buy.  By having a strong cash flow you will be strong.  So when choosing your character traits try to pick what makes more gold in the long run.

(2) Learn the art of the camp.  I have a little level 11 account on my wife’s ipod which already has 700,000 gold an hour.  When you first start, your measly 15 – 300 gold an hour seems paltry.  But one maxim that gets you everywhere is this: “Patience is currency”.  See your growth in terms of months, not in days.  Often a one or two month “camp” (no gear and doing nothing but buying land – which you can’t do until level 7) is a good thing to do.  You will have all Lands available at level 60 – so some people can get away with leveling how they wish until level 60 and then super camping for three or four months to gain land.  Fighting is fun, but only if you can win, and to win you need weapons, and to have weapons you need lots of land.  Don’t skimp or you’ll be bulldozered out of the game.

(3) Before you join a clan, realize that good clans have requirements.  A clan is a group of players that have banded up to fight others or defend their mates.  If your clan doesn’t have requirements (like level 25 to start and good land for your level) you will end up in a war and your clan falling apart around you.  There are main clans in KL that you can join that have strong players.  Mine is Gods of War or GOW with the flame.  There is also Legion lead by Meataxe, there is TheDachosen1s led by the Alien symbol, There are the Immortals, Armageddon, Justice Dealers, FOMA led by Warlord, the Guard is still out there, There is TTB, and more insidiously there is Chaos, Sin City, LOC among others.  Surf the clan before you join up.  You don’t want to have to spend time if the clan isn’t worth the join.

(4) Watch where you put your skill points.  In this game you really don’t need much more than 150 health to do well.  I have 160 and just use gold to heal whenever I wish to attack more.  Also, don’t put much into Mana.  I wouldn’t put more than 40 into mana because in the long run there is only one useful Quest in the “Forest” quests called Kill Spiders in the Woods.  That gives you 28 experience for 19 mana, which is the best deal. At early levels you can really level up fast with that.  In the beginning you will want more defense points, but later in the game you will need more attack points to break through armor.  Though many players put even points to attack and defend-it might be fun to make a canon (all attack) or fortress (all defense) account.  Or if you have two accounts build one of each.  I have a high level of defense, but an even higher level of attack.  My mana is low and so is my health and I have a good amount of spirit to lay into an enemy.  Feel out what you need, but don’t get too unbalanced.  Some players put tons of money into health and end up getting trashed at the end and just reset.  Don’t let that player be you.

(5) Make friends that are like you.  There are lots of terds out there, so make sure that you have a few people you like to hang with.  Almost all players use the chat App on their phones called Palringo. Google search it or download it because most clans have public rooms to talk out of game.  Just ask for the room to talk in, add it in Palringo, and you can private message or talk in the public rooms.  GoWs is KL_GOW.  Come and say hey if you like.  We are often chatting.

Overall – never forget to have fun.  You are immortal in the game.  One way to lose is to lose your head.  It isn’t worth it and if you get trashed it is okay.  Your enemy will get bored if you don’t get mad and move on.  Then you can build stronger and come back.  Good luck!  I hope this helps someone.

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On The Responsibility of Media and Entertainment

Hollywood,the big three networks ABC, CBS, and NBC alongside major newspapers have lost their grip on the stories that entertain and build our identities.  There have always been alternatives like Cable or popular magazines, but the internet has brought about new content providers ranging from College Humor sites, Netflix online distribution, Apple’s iOS itunes/app store, to The Huffington Post (which has so much web traffic and readership that it competes with The New York Times).  With so many newcomers and infinite possibilities, any sort of content you wish to get is likely available – legal or not.

Why is this important?  Plato once noted that whoever tells the stories controls the world.  One reason the United States is such a dominating force in the world is because we have been good story tellers.  We don’t just act out for justice and the America way – we tell the story and it gets picked up and told over and over again.  Whether people around the world like the influence of America or not, our stories are everywhere.  The world box office is a testament to American film telling stories.  Those in media realize how much influence they have and monetize it. When America worked to rebuild Europe, in order to fight the communist threat, The Voice of America was established to tell the story of America working with Europe, not against it.  It seems that story was somewhat successful and we tend to work together with Europe.

Media is an influence in all our lives and we all respond in different ways.  Though many feel that the stories they view, read and listen to do not affect them, this is often not the case.  Think about how often the language of a good book, or a quote from a movie comes back to you in a similar circumstance.  Or that line from your favorite song, resonating as you drive home, unable to be dislodged from your memory.  You are influenced.  Each person picks and chooses what they take in as well as how they react to  the stories that make them up.  Some are in acceptance and consume as much as they  can, some are not aware and are passive consumers, and some are resistant and react against culture.

But on the opposite end (not the end user of media but the producer) is the Soup.  The Soup is what Walt Mueller describes (paraphrased) as the mass of culture that we all swim though each day.  We are constantly translating messages and our brain files them where it needs them to be.  Those who make our culture and tell our stories are responsible for this Soup.  Some sips we seek out because we see a program we like or a trailer interested us in a movie.  Or a video game looked appealing on the shelf so we picked it up and experienced the journey of that story as the main character.  But the story itself was told by someone else.  It may be a choose your own adventure, but ultimately all the choices were written for us, which means that we don’t choose the overall matrix which we all experience culture within.  It just exists.  Like the movie Matrix, someone prepared it for us.

Over time, the law of diminishing returns has forced culture producers to move further and further into shocking territory.  Shows like Skins and pornographic horror and breaking away from societal norms to produce shock and awe entertainment have become the norm in this Soup.  At the one end, we have to be responsible for what we consume.  But the producers would be irresponsible if they thought that they had no responsibility at all themselves.

Certainly, good societies thrive on good stories.  Heroic tales of good and evil place us in the cosmos and help us form our moral selves.  Epic adventure films tend to be based on helping someone or something survive and our instincts are at  play as we care about others and seek justice in the best circumstances.  In fantasy we wish for how things were in the past golden ages, in sci fi we wish for a better future and in religious stories we find ourselves caught up in the Creator’s hands, loved and able to be restored as good after doing wrong. Inspirational programming such as The Biggest Loser, Extreme Home Makeover, and Undercover CEO all bring out good things.

But more and more, stories seem to be more about ignoring the good and just having a good time.  As if everyone is a Monad (a ball) bouncing off everyone else.  And they are just trying to entertain themselves until they die and it is “All Good” so long as no one else gets hurt.  Entertainment sometimes crosses lines where we are entertained at others expense.  Even if the characters are fictional, torture movies grip us in fear and we try to laugh afterwards as if nothing happens.  But we just saw torture of a human being.  Over time, the Soup of stories can be strewn with nothing but stories of being lazy, doing wrong to others, laughing at others expense, extreme sexuality or intense violence, death and destruction.  Eventually this affects a person, and their worldview becomes tainted by it.

There are obviously good stories as well as stories that make us worse for watching.  Then there are neutral little stories that inhabit our being and fill in the cracks with silly nonsense and joking around.  But as the entertainment complex grows, as producers of entertainment proliferate, I hope that there is thought to the whole that the individuals are creating.  Is what you produce mostly Good?  Do we even know what Good is anymore?  And how do we all project a great story to the world by the multitudes added up to make One Big Story.  When we look back on what we tell and consume today, is our story even worth telling?

What stories are most important to you? If you are a producer of media, how can you be responsible in producing your content?

Old and New Media Distribution Methods – Picture

I Just scribbled this using the Pencil Tool in Paint.  It is a picture I saw in my mind today while reading about the tanking of Hulu, thanks to the Networks that bought it, then decided rather than build a platform and pioneer it, just take lots of money from Netflix.  A kernal in that article is about how Networks are losing ground and revenue to open distribution of media (easily downloaded media).  I’m a history kind of guy, so I naturally thought of “The way things probably used to be.”  I may be wrong, but this is what I pictured in that moment.  !

See the Article I wrote on Multempire using this Pic.