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We Made An iOS Game!!! And its fun. Check it out.

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I’m so proud of my good friend Mark Marianelli, who is the other major part of an entity called Six AM Comics.  We’ve been working on creative projects together since High School, and lately its been on my mind to learn how to get Mark’s Flash editing abilities out there to have an actual game.  Today that happened.

Mark converted his flash game Pro Rock Paper Scissors into an incredibly fun iOS game, which you can immediately download here

To Download Pro Rock Paper Scissors

(click)!  Do it.  Do it Now.

Rock Paper Scissors 11Rock Paper Scissors 10 Rock Paper Scissors 9 Rock Paper Scissors 8 Rock Paper Scissors 7 Rock Paper Scissors 6 Rock Paper Scissors 5 Rock Paper Scissors 4 Rock Paper Scissors 3 Rock Paper Scissors 2 Rock Paper Scissors 1

“Life of Parson” – A Comic Based on the Humor of Everyday Faith

Life of Parson Title

“Life of Parson”

a comic based in the humor of everyday faith

I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time.  It basically goes like this: There are two things that you don’t see in PopCulture very often these days; people going to the bathroom and people going to Church.  While the first I understand, the second I don’t.  Faith plays a huge role in life, and I’ve particularly felt its impact on my own heart and my desire to love and do good in the world.  While I don’t own a Television Studio or a Movie Production Company, I do have friends that are excellent illustrators and I absolutely love to write.  In this case, I’ve partnered with my friend Mark Marianelli, of New Hampshire, who has an amazing illustration style.  I’ll be doing all the writing.  We love to laugh (as you may have experienced with our projects at Six AM Comics) and we are faith inspired people, so why not base a comic on the life of a good young pastor trying to do good.  I think this could push against some of the faith based stereotypes I’ve encountered and explore the silliness we all experience in community in general.  There is a huge chest of goodies that our pop culture doesn’t explore a whole lot these days.

For your pleasure, here is our first ‘Life of Parson’ Comic (Click Comic to Enlarge):

Life of Parson Comic

I hope this interests you?  And if so, once I have 50 interested people signed up on thisSpecial Persons contact list, I’m going to send out the second comic and the scripts as well as some interesting “Making Of” materials.  We’re not going to publish this like we do with our other webcomics because we want to test the interest in this kind of endeavor.  If the newsletter grows, Parson will flourish and the content will flow.  If it doesn’t, then we have many projects in the works.  Take a moment to let us know this is something you would like to see happen.  If it takes off, we’ll try and publish in different venues, but this is a test.  Lets see where this goes.  Sign up now below:

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Please share this blog with anyone you think will be interested.  Thanks in advance.

Pass It On: Florida School for the Deaf and Blind Performs “The Wizard Of Oz” – wonderful

When I was in Saint Augustine, FL attending Flagler College and going to Anastasia Baptist Church, I noticed that there was a large portion of the population who knew how to sign.  I remember one study session in particular in which I saw three guys at Denny’s rocking out a pretty intense discussion.  I wish I was in on it.  It looked awesome.  The reason that there were so many signers, is because in Saint Augustine, there is the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (where Ray Charles actually got kicked out from for bad behavior).  Here is their production of “The Wizard of Oz” – and it is truly amazing.  Its about a half hour, so get some popcorn and enjoy:

Here is a link to the school: (link) for further information if your interested.

Pass It On: Copehagen Philharmonic Flashmob – brilliant

I remember going on a field trip to Concord, NH to see the Orchestra.  My eyes were not immediately opened to the beauty (I was in Middle School), but once I heard the Star Wars theme song, my heart opened up, and I felt a whole new world opening up.  Sometimes there are barriers that even beauty has to build bridges to cross.  A friend of mine just posted this brilliant Copenhagen Flash Mob, and I am transported to my seat, and my eyes are opened once again.  I simply love this, and perhaps it will awaken you as well:

Culture Stuff: My Thoughts on The Avengers Movie

To begin, I will say that if you are excited about The Avengers movie, have seen all the previous Marvel Superhero movies, and are wondering if it lives up to all the hype and whether you should see it or not – It does, go see it.  But why does it have appeal?  And why does it seem to have something that everyone can enjoy?

First, there is a collection of such a diverse amount of strong characters, that it would be hard not to relate to one of the heroes/heroines.  From the Black Widow to The Incredible Hulk, from Nick Fury to Captain America, there is a plethora of different types of characters each with different strengths and flaws all interacting on screen, teaming or not teaming up, in ways that sometimes produce awe inducing moments, and sometimes, you have to laugh and say “Oh, Hulk…you’re so…you.”

Second, the enemy epitomizes what we do not like about ourselves, and so there is a universal appeal towards defeating him.  The enemy, Loki, sees himself as “entitled” as a God.  He lords himself, and merely wants to be seen as the Great Ruler who “frees” people from their own “freedom”.  It is a terribly flawed statement, which shows how little he has thought it through.  What he really means is: I think I am better than everyone else, so kneel to me.  There is a great moment when an old man (possibly a Holocaust survivor), stands up while everyone else kneels to Loki, rejecting his “godhood”.  The Avengers movie is a case study in tearing down the wanton destruction a callous dictator can create in civil society.  I think that we don’t like the entitled part of ourselves, so we gain a bit of spiritual discipline when we set our hearts against the antagonist in this film.

Third, the last 30 minutes are explosive, but the setup is brilliantly maneuvered.  The film spends a good amount of time setting up the final battle royale.  There is something for everyone in this film (relationships, anger, self reflection, cool gadgets and toys, philosophy, etc.), and the characters spend a good amount of time realizing how they will not get played by the enemy, who has a plan, and how to defeat a seemingly invincible opponent at his own game.  I can’t give out too much away without this being a spoiler, but I will say that Captain America’s character impressed me even more, as he did a bit of theology (whether you agree with him or not), when he said, “There is only one God, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that,” concerning the enemy.  I love it.  There is another even more humorous moment that I’ll let you experience on your own.  In the midst of the explosive energy, the conversations keep the film grounded and help us think through how we would act under stress.  It is a good study in what we feel we need, especially as all people across the globe face bigger challenges because the future continues to come.

All in all – this film had me engaged throughout.  It was the first film that I feel that 3D actually worked well (possibly because it blended so well, I only noticed it a few times, and when I did I realized how much it added to the High Def, rather than being a gimmick).  Kudos to the Costume Designers, who did not make the film feel like a cartoon, and to those who did endless calculations and renderings to make the computer graphics seem like reality.  The seamlessness of the film, with only a few slow moments, make this movie one of my all time favorites, at least in the genre of Semi-Philosophical Action Movie.  Well played.  Well played.

Pass It On: Waldo Date’s Carmen Sandiego – Brilliant

I love mashups and this is beautiful.  My 1st – 3rd grade life was full of big Waldo adventures and then in 4th – 6th grade, I spent so much time at the library looking for Carmen Sandiego with a World and USA Atlas.  This pic is worthy of passing around.  (Its being passed around on facebook, so you will have to find the source on your own):

“I’ve Seen It All” – Youth Minister – Great Video about Youth Ministry

As a youth minister, there are up times and down times.  We see some of the most immature stuff, but then out of nowhere people we thought were just messing around start changing the world.  If you’re a youth minister or a volunteer in youth ministry – watch this and nod your head – alot:

Pass It On: Six Am Comics is Go

Growing up, there were few joys greater than grabbing a digital camera and running around making silly videos.  Some guys made skateboard ramps, and my friends and I made videos to make ourselves laugh.  It was fun and we had fewer broken bones.  It was also more lasting.  We have direct evidence, in the form of videos, that ties us to the undying memories of adolescent humor.  Videos such as “The Moose”, “80’s Bum”, and “The Mystical Face” last forever in our memories.

Now to the point – We eventually became more sophisticated and began staying up to 6 am in the morning editing “Refrigerator Man” episodes.  Taping would last all day and we would use the night to do the technical stuff.  Later in college, some of the three of us made comics called “Scholars” and posted them on the web, and one of us hand drew a comic called “Honestly” that eventually was posted as well.  These efforts became more and more sophisticated and we became better writers as well.  One of us made a website and we had several designs that worked or didn’t.  It was all very exciting but didn’t garner much attention at all.  We didn’t have a brand, an audience, nor any money.  It was pure creative output and it worked for long spurts until our schoolwork or jobs got in the way.

About a month ago Google+ came out and changed how we do work flow.  The people in Six AM Comics are myself (Dan, South Carolina), Mark (New Hampshire), and Kevin (Massachusettes).  Google+ circles gave us a format to start writing scripts for a comic we called “Six AM” and we developed our characters into separate identities from ourselves making them “Avatars” that personify the spirit of Six AM (and are symbols of our immortal adolescent selves and humor).  These guys are Stan, Jason and Kal.

With these three, we centered all our creative output into this funnel and created SIX AM COMICS.  We started with a fanpage on Facebook, and made Six AM avatars for the first 40 people who liked us and we continue to do contests for more.  Mark worked hard on fun flash games for those enjoying our page and started revving up for the “Scholars” comic which would be a backbone for the culture of the site and the development of our main avatars who would have their own blogs (Stan’s Dungeon, Jason’s Battlefield, Kal’s Universe) and creative output including the Honestly Comic by Kal.

And here we go.  Six AM Comics presents a new universe for you to explore.