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“Life of Parson” – A Comic Based on the Humor of Everyday Faith

Life of Parson Title

“Life of Parson”

a comic based in the humor of everyday faith

I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time.  It basically goes like this: There are two things that you don’t see in PopCulture very often these days; people going to the bathroom and people going to Church.  While the first I understand, the second I don’t.  Faith plays a huge role in life, and I’ve particularly felt its impact on my own heart and my desire to love and do good in the world.  While I don’t own a Television Studio or a Movie Production Company, I do have friends that are excellent illustrators and I absolutely love to write.  In this case, I’ve partnered with my friend Mark Marianelli, of New Hampshire, who has an amazing illustration style.  I’ll be doing all the writing.  We love to laugh (as you may have experienced with our projects at Six AM Comics) and we are faith inspired people, so why not base a comic on the life of a good young pastor trying to do good.  I think this could push against some of the faith based stereotypes I’ve encountered and explore the silliness we all experience in community in general.  There is a huge chest of goodies that our pop culture doesn’t explore a whole lot these days.

For your pleasure, here is our first ‘Life of Parson’ Comic (Click Comic to Enlarge):

Life of Parson Comic

I hope this interests you?  And if so, once I have 50 interested people signed up on thisSpecial Persons contact list, I’m going to send out the second comic and the scripts as well as some interesting “Making Of” materials.  We’re not going to publish this like we do with our other webcomics because we want to test the interest in this kind of endeavor.  If the newsletter grows, Parson will flourish and the content will flow.  If it doesn’t, then we have many projects in the works.  Take a moment to let us know this is something you would like to see happen.  If it takes off, we’ll try and publish in different venues, but this is a test.  Lets see where this goes.  Sign up now below:

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Please share this blog with anyone you think will be interested.  Thanks in advance.

Pass It On: Six AM Comics Website Updated

Mutant Turtle Strip Six Am

(Click for full comic)

I’ve been involved with my good friend Mark Marianelli for a long time working on an amazing side project called “Six AM”.  Whether it be working on comics, videos, creative characters and new ways to express humor, we’ve done it all.  There have been quite a few transformations as we developed content, and we’ve gone through one more as Mark takes up the project as a personal portfolio/creative project while I work more on Youth Ministry work.  I’ve been throwing him script ideas and he modifies them to his tastes and boom – webcomic.  I love seeing them come out.  The above panel is a play on The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in our “Got Apocalypse” comic strip.  The apocalypse has happened, and Jason, Kal and Stan live in the sewers to stay out of the radiation on the surface.  Cue odd moments like this one.  There are cats, rats, followers, power structures, war, sewers, famine, biblical revelations, and much more.  If you like the above comic, explore the site a bit.  There are several comics  like “Scholars” – college based humor; “Dawn of Six AM” – semiReality based origins of our creative exploits, “GotApocalypse” – post apocalyptic humor, and more (ex. Honestly, Sugar Frosted Sea Bunions, etc.).

Here is the main website: http://www.6amcomics.com

Breakup By Texting – Don’t Do This (by Tim Elmore)

Tim Elmore (@TimElmore on Twitter) is a great voice in developing leaders in the Millenial generation.  I was tipped off to his books when I visited USCB while talking about starting a Methodist fellowship there.  The Student Life Coordinator swore by his work and wanted to bring him to campus.  I looked into it and have found him to be dead on.

Here is a video he posted about his new book.  It’s hilarious…but can really be true in a way.  Check it out:

If you haven’t read one of his books, google his name and check him out.  Some really good material.  I’ve followed him on Twitter for about a year.  You won’t regret it.

Memes I Made For Everyday Life (To Destress or Laugh)

I made some memes.  Take a look, and I’ll add the explanations below (if you care enough about me to understand anything going on in my mind).

Arnold – This one was random.  I saw a picture of Arnold S. and thought immediately of Terminator.  I was in an odd mood, so I tried to think up the most random thing I could – dolphins and dogs trained by robots made by aliens to destroy humanity.  Terminator is waaaay too simple.

Yoda Birthday – Amanda’s Birthday week (Amanda is my wife) was a while back, and I thought that she enjoyed it.  That saturday I sat down with some Dragon Ball Z and celebrated a good week.

I Would Kill – I laugh every time I see this guy’s glare, so I wanted to do something along the lines of “I Drink Blood…Orange Juice at the Farmer’s Market” meme.  I like the unexpected.

Goliath – This was my first meme, and I wanted it to come from scripture.  I think I succeeded ;D

Y U Make Me Happy Owl – Amanda was spending time with me which is normally awesome, but this time it was keeping me from reading for a class – so I made this Owl to represent the moment.  I love this one.

Wide Eyed Dog – This was in honor of my friend Josh Cooke and his Dog, who constantly obsessively wishes for you to toss his ball/stick/whatever.  It will last until you give up.  Forever.

Bear Falling From Sky – Amanda sent me an article about a bear being trapped in a tree. The image was pretty interesting, and lent itself to taking it out of context.  It looks like a bear is falling from the sky.  I love it.

Hope you enjoy.  I don’t know why I’ve been so much into humor lately, but I think it is a good sign.  And lastly, the “Ron Swanson”!