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Advice for Beginning Strategies in Kingdoms Live (Storm 8 Iphone War Game)

In the Iphone game Kingdoms Live, I am Muad’Dib (2ps1r) in the GOW clan.  I have been playing for 2 years, almost since the game came out in the first place.  I am level 122 with 15 million and hour in income and I did that without spending more than a few bucks on the game.  We just won a war which is exciting, but I also invited a friend who just received an Android phone to get into the game.  I hope he continues and we can recruit him sometime.  Regardless, I wanted to provide some tips for new players into the dynamics of the game before you start really building your profile.

(1) When you start out – you will find that just about everything in the game revolves around gold. Mana is pretty much useless because in later levels the weapons you receive by doing quests (which use mana to complete) are not as good as what you can buy.  By having a strong cash flow you will be strong.  So when choosing your character traits try to pick what makes more gold in the long run.

(2) Learn the art of the camp.  I have a little level 11 account on my wife’s ipod which already has 700,000 gold an hour.  When you first start, your measly 15 – 300 gold an hour seems paltry.  But one maxim that gets you everywhere is this: “Patience is currency”.  See your growth in terms of months, not in days.  Often a one or two month “camp” (no gear and doing nothing but buying land – which you can’t do until level 7) is a good thing to do.  You will have all Lands available at level 60 – so some people can get away with leveling how they wish until level 60 and then super camping for three or four months to gain land.  Fighting is fun, but only if you can win, and to win you need weapons, and to have weapons you need lots of land.  Don’t skimp or you’ll be bulldozered out of the game.

(3) Before you join a clan, realize that good clans have requirements.  A clan is a group of players that have banded up to fight others or defend their mates.  If your clan doesn’t have requirements (like level 25 to start and good land for your level) you will end up in a war and your clan falling apart around you.  There are main clans in KL that you can join that have strong players.  Mine is Gods of War or GOW with the flame.  There is also Legion lead by Meataxe, there is TheDachosen1s led by the Alien symbol, There are the Immortals, Armageddon, Justice Dealers, FOMA led by Warlord, the Guard is still out there, There is TTB, and more insidiously there is Chaos, Sin City, LOC among others.  Surf the clan before you join up.  You don’t want to have to spend time if the clan isn’t worth the join.

(4) Watch where you put your skill points.  In this game you really don’t need much more than 150 health to do well.  I have 160 and just use gold to heal whenever I wish to attack more.  Also, don’t put much into Mana.  I wouldn’t put more than 40 into mana because in the long run there is only one useful Quest in the “Forest” quests called Kill Spiders in the Woods.  That gives you 28 experience for 19 mana, which is the best deal. At early levels you can really level up fast with that.  In the beginning you will want more defense points, but later in the game you will need more attack points to break through armor.  Though many players put even points to attack and defend-it might be fun to make a canon (all attack) or fortress (all defense) account.  Or if you have two accounts build one of each.  I have a high level of defense, but an even higher level of attack.  My mana is low and so is my health and I have a good amount of spirit to lay into an enemy.  Feel out what you need, but don’t get too unbalanced.  Some players put tons of money into health and end up getting trashed at the end and just reset.  Don’t let that player be you.

(5) Make friends that are like you.  There are lots of terds out there, so make sure that you have a few people you like to hang with.  Almost all players use the chat App on their phones called Palringo. Google search it or download it because most clans have public rooms to talk out of game.  Just ask for the room to talk in, add it in Palringo, and you can private message or talk in the public rooms.  GoWs is KL_GOW.  Come and say hey if you like.  We are often chatting.

Overall – never forget to have fun.  You are immortal in the game.  One way to lose is to lose your head.  It isn’t worth it and if you get trashed it is okay.  Your enemy will get bored if you don’t get mad and move on.  Then you can build stronger and come back.  Good luck!  I hope this helps someone.

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If there is anything I missed feel free to add it in comments below.

Battle Strategies for Kingdoms Live (Iphone)

When you first start playing Kingdoms Live, its like jumping into a soup and you can make some bad decisions and build a bad rep.  In order to avoid this, read some of these easy battle suggestions that will not only make you stronger, it will help you keep more gold, and stress less on the battlefield.

Before all the tips – make sure that you are ready for battle, which means top weapons, armor, and spells for your level.  Then continue:

(1) Keep health low (hit players on the bounty list until your health is low or ask a benevolent higher level player to lose health against) Why? – this limits how many times a farmer can hit you and take gold.  Even if you lose to

(2) Keep money in the Vault for healing – When you get on, heal and attack your farmers/enemies.  This keeps the battle on your terms.  Often you can return fire and get several hits taking back or getting more gold and annoying the other player.  If you are on – you can get in a firefight.  Make sure you have enough Spirit and keep healing going back and forth to show the other player your dominance as you square off.

(3) Don’t feed the trolls – there are players who can’t beat you well, but like to run their mouths.  Their main aim is to make you look bad and get a chuckle from you losing it.  Keep your head.  Don’t respond to ridiculous banter, and change the tone of the conversation when it suits you.  You can gain respect and allies if you play the situation right.

(4) For those in clans – Don’t link your enemy unless its necessary or you are strong enough.  Remember to warn anyone on your wall that is farming that you are going into battle, so they can either arm up, or ask you to clear their links off your wall.  Fighting strong as an individual is still the strongest way to make your clan strong, so don’t necessarily wait until everyone can join the fray.  Often bigger wars will keep that form happening.  Take care to yourself and your profile, and a clear head will make your clan stronger and better able to present itself as a great clan.

(5) Bounty list only when you have someone who can make the Kill – it is worthless to BL someone if you are feeding them to the wolves.  Especially if they are armed.  Lower levels often have quick thumbs and will give them wins.  Instead, find a stronger player who can hit hard and fast to steal the gold and wins for them self.  If you are not in a clan, offer to help them out when they have an enemy that they want tossed or killed.  Its a good way to build bonds with other players.  Our clan calls it Pitch and Kill – insinuating that Killing is our intention.

(6) Remember that you are Immortal (Tao of Boo, See Bugaboo in clan Integrity) in this game.  If you take high losses today, you will have a chance to make it up later when you are stronger.  There is no reason to whine in this game.  Great leaders can have great losses in their profile.  The enemy may taunt you, but they will make fun of anything to get you to run away.  They win with stress.  If you disregard their idiocy, you will win every time.  They will bore and move on.

Summary of My Kingdoms Live Helps:

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Kingdoms Live Basics (Gold and other things)

Gold, Politics, and Power (A Personal Plan for Dominant Playing)

An early plan for Growing a Profile

My First Ever Blog on KL (Simple Gloating 😉

If there is anything I missed feel free to add it below.

Real Life Leadership Lessons I learned from Kingdoms Live (MMOG)

I will give backgrounds in the Introduction, if you don’t like to read alot, skip to the middle where I outline the leadership lessons (below).

Introduction: Backgrounds – How I became a God of War
About a year and two months ago I started playing a game called “Kingdoms Live” for the Iphone. It is a stat based game where you build a character and a profile, and you begin buying land and getting gold from the land to support your army and weapons. It is a social multiplayer online game because about 200k people are duking it out at any given time through the battle lists. If your stats are good and you have the right weapons, armor, and spells, you win a fight. Pretty simple, so simple in fact that I almost quit playing.

Then I was asked to join a clan. GOW, or Gods of War, a very strong clan across four of Storm 8’s various MMO’s (Imobsters, World War, Ninjas, and Kingdoms Live), had a leader named Bugaboo who asked me if I would like to join. I figured I would give it a shot, since I was about to quit anyway, this might add aspect to the game. Straight up – the organization of GOW and its sheer ability to mobilize against an enemy impressed me. I looked to the leadership of the two Coleaders (the clan is very hierarchical), Bugaboo and Ella, and watched the warlords and dons of war Jinx, Dr. Sleep, and Gotti – seeing them with high stats and the ability to maneuver diplomatically – and I was inspired to lead myself.

I worked my way from Knight to Lieutenant, added recruiter to my name as I brought people in, became a captain, then sr. capt, and very quickly afterward for my ability to talk down an enemy, I was made Ambassador by Bugaboo. Simultaneously I had begun playing as GOW in WW, so I became a colead there and was building up teams and waging a war. Kingdoms Live and World War were the two games that took my time. I lead up three teams in WW, and spent alot of time negotiating and helping team mates under Bugaboos lead.

Eventually there was a split between our clans CEO and Bugaboo, and Bugaboo left with many in Kingdoms Live to start his own clan. It was a messy time, and someone needed to lead so I requested that I be able to leave WW as colead and become a coleader in Kingdoms live in Bugaboo’s place. I love the game, and I love our clan mates, and despite almost all top leadership leaving to form Integrity with Bugaboo over the split I decided to stay and rebuild. It was awesome. For six months we went from basically no activity and being demoralized as we split, to being a dominant active clan ready to fight with ferocity. We went from 70 people inactive (actives had left) to 150 people, with 80 active players, and we were growing.

Currently I am taking a break (partly to catch up on real life, and partly to give my thumbs a break from typing so frequently with so many people across the globe). I would log in and have 100 messages to respond to, and it was beginning to consume me a bit too much. Success became a bit of a bane to me, since I have a very busy regular life, so I had break away to rebalance and focus. I’ll be back after a month or two, however. Remember the name Muad’Dib 😉 Code: 2ps1r

All the principles I learned leading the clan have actually transferred to leading in real life.  There was a huge benefit to leading the clan for 6 months and being part of it for a year.  Here are some of those benefits:

So What Have I Learned Leading the Clan:

(1) To grow a team, you need to be a good recruiter – Being a good recruiter means communicating effectively, being able to show the benefits of being a group together, and showing the purpose of banding together as a clan.  Like with any group, you need to be willing to walk with the new recruits in a slow process of integration, allowing them to ask questions, feel awkward, and take initial baby steps in the new culture.

(2) Group Culture and Activity is Important – if you don’t have active players who care about contributing, you might as well just go it alone.  The benefit of being in a group is that you get to meet new people, fight with people who eventually become friends, and you can strategize together with differing points of view, creating something more whole than an individual can put together on their own.  As you move forward, you either have a GOOD culture, or a BAD culture.  If you greet new members warmly, spend time in the chats, treat other players with respect, and fight with honor and good team skills I believe you have a good culture.  Do the opposite of that and you develop a sarcastic and mean spirited group – and the leaders need to constantly be keeping negativity in check, always inserting positive points of view so that people treat each other right.

(3) Spending time with your group with no agenda grows group consciousness – No one wants to be in a group that is always asking you to do something but doesn’t spend time just getting to know you.  Since all games online are essentially fun because they are social, you need to spend times shooting the breeze with your troops.  You can learn how each other think, solidify relationships, learn about other countries and their cultures, and be better able to deploy the right people in a fight with another clan based on a persons personal nature.  I knew everyone who came into the clan for the full six months.

(4) You need to have a plan – communicating your plan early, often, and well means that your clan will be able to make decisions in the field that represent your clan well.  If your plan is not well known, you will end up with a group of individuals who do as they please with no parameters or accountability.  If you want to grow large, your plan needs to involve getting everyone involved in recruiting with guidelines on how to recruit and you need to show them how.  If you want to grow warriors who are strong, spend time instructing people how to grow their profiles in such ways that they will be prepared in war to face their current level players.  If you want to fight a war, get as much info on the opposing clan as possible and begin assigning people to specific roles such as scouts, target hitters, throwers, wall talkers (trash talkers if you will), diplomats, and intelligence/leadership – rev up the teams to go with a message of impending victory, and remind them they are immortal in this game, and the army erupts in awesomeness.

(5) As leader, you do everything at some point, so everyone can see what is possible – though you can’t do all things all the time, the leader needs to shift around what they are doing.  Sometimes recruiting, sometimes warring, sometimes putting together discipline councils, sometimes talking it up in the chat room, sometimes restructuring the group, sometimes doing diplomacy, sometimes encouraging others, sometimes…  And on and on.  I literally did everything at some point, and I hope that my message was that if the Coleader isn’t too good to do something, then everyone should be able to take up different responsibilities if no one is picking them up.  We all fight together, and we all do everything together.  I do believe that even the knight (first rank) can be a leader of the others.  Basic principle is this: If you want to rise in a group, lead and act as if you are already the rank you wish to be.  Whether you get recognition or not is negligible. Your contributions speak for themself, and you will eventually be respected regardless of position.  A mature leader does things not to be recognized, but because things need to be done.

(6) Someone has to make decisions – any player who defers leadership decisions to others doesn’t deserve a leadership position.  Deferring decisions means the person isn’t willing to accept failure (or victory) and they won’t be able to handle blame if a plan goes awry.  As a leader I made good and bad decisions.  I learned from both, and it grew me as a leader.  In real life and in game, we have to be willing to make tough calls for the sake of the group.  That involves getting as much reliable information as possible, seeking wisdom in understanding the data from others, talking with a few top leaders you trust who can give you their opinions, and making a decision and going with it.  And you need to follow through on your decisions unless you find out that you are wrong.  Someone has to be willing to take the knocks for good and bad decisions – it might as well be you.

(7) Having a Chain of command and Code of Conduct are important and can make or break a clan. New players need to know who they can turn to for reliable information and who can help them get integrated.  In war, each ranked person needs to know what they are allowed to do.  It would be bad if all people were individually negotiating a truce, because then you would have 150 different terms of conditions.  Eventually the lower ranks need to give way to the higher ranks to know who is in charge and who can ultimately call the shots.  And this is something to be taken with great weight.  Leadership needs to know that gaining a rank is something with much honor, but higher leaders are given trust and play a vital role.  Their activity and ability to lead makes or breaks a clan.  So we let the Ambassador make treaties, let the Coleads and Dons of War plan the wars, let the Captains discipline and order the Lts and Knights, and let the Head Captains and Recruiters work out the teams.  This helps the group work well.

Possible Pitfalls of Successful Leadership:

I’m going to be honest, leading up 150 people from varying countries across the globe is a hard job.  Even harder after you win a few wars, and people seek you out in game to seek your help or wisdom for their own clan.  Like I mentioned earlier, I would come on to see 100 messages or so requesting a decision and that meant alot of typing.

My thumbs were seriously getting messed up – its too bad that Storm 8 doesn’t let you play on a PC/Mac.

The more successful you are the more people will seek you out, and you have to decide when you are doing too much. I hit that wall two weeks ago, and had to realistically put the game down.  I felt bad at first, but it slowly gave way to relief.  When I do come back in about a month, most new recruits won’t know me, and I can slowly reintegrate.  I won’t have to put out orders to 150 people every week, and others hopefully will have taken some of the responsibilities that I championed.

Ultimately, I hope my leadership doesn’t vanish into the ether.  I love my clan, and I will return to it.  Here’s to the God’s of War and any clan that is well ordered, fights hard, and has good principles. I salute you.



Add me, though I am in a short break from the game.

Reality is Closing in on the Virtual World

Reality is Closing in on the Virtual World

by Daniel Griswold

Originally Run in “The Island Packet” Newspaper on Aug 10, 2010

I knew the world had officially changed when I clicked to add my grandma as a friend on the social-networking site Facebook.

I’m proud to say my mom joined as well, but I distinctly remember how hard it was to teach my sweet mother how to use a mouse without the expression of fear.

Perhaps the world is changing too fast.

More people now create their own image in the electronic mirror. On this mirror, we play out all our hopes and dreams, and the brokenness of our humanity with the friends we have found online.

How easily we forget that behind each profile is a real person.

A war game for the iPhone, with several hundreds of thousands of players, recently had an event that went largely unnoticed: One player committed suicide. It was quietly announced among the player’s army mates, and the account profile that once had been a bastion of warlike activity, suddenly went silent.

Pictures of virtual tears flowed, but no one really knew how to grieve the loss online. Because the people in the player’s army were from all over the world, no one would be able to attend a funeral. And without a connection to anyone who actually knew the player, there would be no one to talk to who actually had met this friend.

As if trapped in the portion of Scripture stating, “I have forgotten happiness” (Lamentations 3:17), the fun stopped for a little while, as the players had to grapple with a real life that existed on the other end of the WiFi. A human soul is missing from among us. He hadn’t just disconnected for the night; no, he was never going to reconnect again. The players had to feel some very human emotions, and eventually we all had to talk.

“I called on your name, O Lord, out of the lowest pit. You have heard my voice, ‘Do not hide your ear from my prayer for relief, from my cry for help.’ You drew near when I called on: you said, ‘Do not fear!'” (Lamentations 3:55-57).

In the game, players began to offer prayers of support for their fallen friend. In a game where every player is artificially immortal, we all remembered how truly mortal we are. Somehow in the virtual world a very real world thing had happened. We mourned and supported one another.

I’ve heard of this happening more and more as we connect to one another in the electronic world. On Facebook, people leave comments on the pages of their lost friends; in the games, a player’s profile becomes a memorial for thoughts, prayers and grief. And clips of this activity are now included in the evening news.

Though none of this will ever replace the warmth of a real hand and a hug, experiencing a new form of community has opened my eyes. The virtual world is no longer a separated space, but rather, part of reality.

And the world continues to change.

Daniel Griswold is director of youth at St. Andrew By-the-Sea United Methodist Church. Twitter Name: dannonhill

Read more: http://www.islandpacket.com/2010/08/10/1334504/reality-is-closing-in-on-the-virtual.html#ixzz0zoWzRgxC

Kingdoms Live Basics (for beginners and warriors alike)

Kingdoms Live

My other Blogs on Kingdoms Live Strategies:

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When you start out in Kingdoms live you are a small fry and you have no clue what you are doing.  I know I didnt.  I decided to be an elf mage.  Little did I know that gold would be the most important factor in determining strength later on, and I should have picked a gold producing identity.  Oh well, you probably have already picked yours as well.  So be it. Beyond that, here are some basics in the game that should help carry you though.

(1) Patience is Currency – You will need to build your lands.  Buy as much as you can, and DO NOT LEVEL fast.  You should be able to get to 1 million gold hr by lvl 20, 3 million hr by lvl 50, and have 7 mil hr by lvl 70, and you will need 1 million more an hour per 10 lvls after that.  (ex. lvl 80, u need 8 million hr).  If you want to be stronger, have more patience.  For example you want to have top def and attk weapons/armor/spells.  Okay, just aim at 15 mil hr by lvl 100 and you should be able to do so.

(2) Stats Mean Nothing: Some players go crazy over stats.  But did you know farmers are everywhere, and you will have to camp eventually?  Camping is basically dearming, and letting your lands produce top gold.  You can keep health low by attacking other stronger players (ask first ;), and you will make much more gold.  When farmers get you, they give you losses, sometimes deaths on bl.  WHO CARES.  Seriously, later on when you are the strongest player, it won’t matter.  You can get 1000 wins in a night on the BL riding.  Losing a few thousand battles will not matter in the long run.  This would be way too easy for enemies to push your buttons.  You’ll get ahead, just not now 😉

(3) Easy ROI – Return on Investment – Basically what I do in all Storm 8 games is I seek out the best return on investment.  You can do it in your head like this.  Say your land gives you 1 gold an hour and it costs 700 gold to buy.  You should keep buying that until it is at least 1000 to buy so the 100 to 1 deal works.  Then do that w the 5 gold land, get it to 5000 to buy, and 100 gold, get it to 100000 to buy, etc.  Go up the line, and then go back and double it when they are all flat like that.  Get 1 gold to cost 2000, and 5 gold to cost 10000.  That way you are always getting a good ROI and its soooo simple to do.  May sound complicated but once you get it you will be fine.

(4) Have fun – Some easy ways to have fun is to make some friends, because the farmers out there are really lame sometimes.  Its good to have some people to make fun of em with, and to strategize with vs the really bad people who tend to populate online games. Having a common enemy makes the game more exciting.  A good way to do this is to join a clan.  Mine is Gods of Wars (GOW) and you will probably see us around.  We have 170 players, and are pretty warrior like.  If you like a good fam find me (2ps1r), and say hey.  We take strong players, so you may have to employ some of the above principles and get to lvl 25 to join up but I love to have lots of friends so join up.

Those basics should get you to lvl 60, when you have all the lands, and are about to make a run to 100 when you reach 10 mil hr.  You will remain strong, and have fun if you grit your teeth up front and move forward like a military recruit.  Or spend lots of money and buy up as much land as you can.  Its your money (though I’ve spent only 10 bucks on the game), you can destroy your life like its vegas and go against the Gavko who is nearly lvl 300 btw and rides all the time.  Good luck.

Image Sourced from: http://www.storm8.com/wp-content/themes/storm8/images/games/kingdoms-live-graphic.png

Kingdoms Live: Gold, Politics, and Power


I’ve written two previous strategy blogs on Kingdoms Live here and here.

I will post my current strategy and chronicle where I am currently as a player, then conclude with remarks on how power and politics work in Kingdoms Live and other Storm 8 games.

(Terms to know: Camp – selling gear to keep upkeep low so u can buy more land; farmer – a player who attacks other players with  no rules on how many times and tends to attack weaker players to take their gold; clan – a banded group of players who act as a unit, or have a common goal and set of values.)

Current Strategy:

(1) I am now level 81.  I’ve seen averages for high impact players and how much gold they have per level.  I figure if you have 1 million gold for every 10 levels you are, you are in the power players club.  So at 81 I need 8 million gold.  I will not level to 100 until I have 10 million gold per hour.  To achieve this I am in a Defensive Camp that only costs me around 2 million gold per hour which leaves me about 5.7 million gold per hour to buy up land in my grab for 8 – 10 million gold per hour.  (Gold is power – see previous blogs).   If you want to see my Defensive camp setup add me (2ps1r) and then take a look at my setup.  It is basically all high defense but low attack weapons, shields, and spells.  I will be in defensive camp for one week after this blog posts or until I get 8.5 million gold hr.

(2) I am in a clan, and now am one of two people who lead up that clan.  My clan spans across four storm8 games, and a war started in another game has been spilling over a little bit.  Some particularly tenacious fighters have come over to Kingdoms Live to try and farm low levels in our clan.  That’s okay, because in Kingdoms Live, we have plenty of farmers trying to steal our gold and we know how to deal with them.

Dealing with a Farmer? (A) Defensive camp or decide acceptable losses if in total (no weapon) camp.  You get more gold from a total camp than a farmer can take from you.  Your stats can always be made up, so have no fear. (B) Bank Gold if you have a weak stomach and don’t like to lose any gold. (C) Have a strong player farm your farmer, then Bounty List them when they are in the hospital.  The farmer will not like you taking their gold (a friend of mine calls it liberating their gold ;).  (D) Remember you are immortal.  Keep a clear head.  Think, reflect, decide, and act.  Always good advice no matter what your situation in life.

(3) When I reach 15 – 20 million gold I am going to dash for Level 200.  There are a few active level 200 players who do not really mess with each other as far as I can tell.  In World War, the Level 200’s are active and create groups and wars that press the Drama.  The Drama in Kingdoms Live all comes from the low to mid levels who are rising.  This is because of the lack of Land and thanks to Storm 8 adding more and more items, this means that half the game is in an almost constant camp.  This benefits farmers, who level up too fast and end up being weak high levels, which still makes for boring play at the top.  So many players are constantly camping to grow stronger to defend against farmers.  There doesn’t seem to be many clan battles like in Imobs (where cash flows like milk and honey), because the good clans are constantly fending off farmers from their low levels who are camping so they can rise strong.

Like in all Storm8 games, in Kingdoms Live, Gold is power.  The more you have, the more weapons u support, and the better chance you have of victory, and your status and power go up, and your ability to be political increases as you are able to fend off the lame players and help others fend as well.  The more friends you have, the more you create fences against these lame players, and instead of everyone individually fighting lots of people individually against farmer, you can deal constant damage from multiple players against one, which pushes the logical players away, leaving a few pests to constantly deal with until they log off or reset.

It is my hope that Storm 8 will release some more land, and allow players to get out of this constant camp that has lasted the last three or four months.  The lower levels don’t realize how paralyzing this is to the game, but as you need 10 – 10 mil hr to support high end weapons, everything slows down as people are just trying to keep their gold matching their levels against farmers.

If you have a different perspective I’d like to hear it.  Perhaps there are some corners of Kingdoms Live I have not surfed to that you would like to share.  And your strategy may look very different.  I hope to hear your thoughts.

New Kingdoms Live Strategy


Image: http://images.macworld.com/appguide/images/317/989/188/ss0.jpg

Okay, I’ve learned quite a bit since my last post on Kingdom’s Live, and I want to update everyone.  For those of you who don’t play Kingdom’s Live, it is a Storm8 game on the Iphone/Itouch, and is a stat based Massive Multiplayer Online Game.  You can play it in quick bursts, but you are always open to attack whether you personally are on or not.  Everytime you pop on there are new things to take care of.  No real graphics, just full of imagination – you know,  as if you are a real warrior.  I love the game.

Strategy: Since I attained the goals in my previous post, I’ve shifted strategy.  No matter how long I camped, and no matter how much I gained, there was always someone who could hit me harder and longer and faster.  I also realized that there were things in the game called Clans, which were bands of players who have gone outside the game (to chat programs and personal Networking sites) to create realms where they could stay connected, chat, and strategize without littering their comments wall in game.  It also allows for stealth when deciding to war against “Farmers” aka someone who continually attacks the same weak players maliciously, and for hitting other clans who are just mucking about, or calling out your clan.  In other words, it makes things more fun, and more deep. (So I joined the clan: Gods of Wars or GOW, and their symbol is a flame with a TradeMark logo.  There are about 200+ members and about 30 of them are more active).  The clan also makes the games more personal because you can chat with people who are just as geeky as you.  For example, my name in game is Muad Dib (add me to your army: 2ps1r if you’re still reading ;).  From my name alone, I’ve made friends with people who actually know what Muad Dib means (The Mouse in the Desert, from the Dune series of books).  I am somewhat obsessive with the series (I’ve read all 17 books), and this is an easy way to find other techies who are as interested as I.  To date, I have not met one person in the real world who has also read the Dune Series from cover to cover.  In Kingdoms Live, no less than four people have read most or all of the books.  Good times.

So what is my current strategy?

(1) Continually add more land.  My gold levels are never enough, and I’m leveling up again, so there are stronger players. Currently at 4.7 mil gold/hr.  Seeking to get to 7 mil.

(2) No camping until level 100 – 115 (which is the cut off before you are able to be seen by all people over level 115 and up, making you the bottom of the pond of big fish).  Once at 100 I will camp indefinitely and seek to strengthen myself.  I’d been at level 60 for about 2 months camping in the previous strategy.

(3) Work with the clan to build up my social knowledge of the game.  By joining a clan, I’ve been exposed to a new element of the game.  Diplomacy.  As Clans clash, there are negotiations that can mean life or death (or being bounty listed forever).  War is fun, but peace is needed from time to time to work on your profile, so there needs to be an ebb and flow.  Diplomacy makes that happen.  Right now I am a Lt.2/Recruiter in GOW, which means I have little role at all.  I hope to move up to a Don of War, which would have good amounts of responsibility, and the ability to declare war.  But ultimately I would like to help give peace to the clans members.  By being level 100, this would give me some more status, and the ability to show off to Farmers at the lower levels, but not enough to be noticed by the Bigs at the top who are always fighting and cut throating.

(4) I will also be buying some of the New Weapons.  Currently I have 350 Runic Helms, 350 Dragon Eyes, and 350 Heavenly Restorations.  I would like to buy some of the new hardware Storm8 just put up and some Death Curses (of which I have 100 for attacking).  But I need to build up my ability to support all that.  I want to convert from Dragon Eyes to Griffin Bows, from Runic Helms to the Crusader’s Chestplate, and to have dual spell support with Heavenly Restoration and a set of Death Curses.  A tall order, but I may be able to pull it off in the next two months.

On the side I’ve also discovered that GOW clan is stronger and more mobile in Imobs, also a game by Storm8 so I’ve started an account there to make friends who are also on Kingdoms Live.

So there you have it.  How are your strategies coming along?

Just for Fun: Kingdoms Live (My Master Plan)


For anyone interested (with an iphone/touch), I play a game called Kingdoms Live.  It is slightly obsessive because the game is based completely on stat grinding.  You buy weapons, armor, and spells, and your character levels up, so that you get a total number of attack, and if your attack number is bigger than someone else’s, then you win when you battle.  Battles are instantaneous based on stats.  You buy weapons, etc. with Gold, which you earn by either attacking other people online, or by buying land.  Land is expensive and it gets more expensive as you buy more of it.  You also need land because it provides income which is used to support the upkeep of your armor, weapons, spells.  Each sword, ax, etc, has an upkeep cost.  You also need to invite others online to join your army.  This is a very impersonal task, the main goal is just to get a high number, because the more people you have, the more weapons etc. you can equip and the higher your attack number.  Lastly, when you’re all armed, you can go on quests, which are like battles, but have tag lines like: “Invade the Kings Castle” and there are requirements.  You have to have a certain amount of people, and certain amounts of certain weapons, and you have to expend Mana to do them.  Anyways, if you’re interested, here is the link to check it out:  here (you need itunes and an iphone/itouch).

For the geeks out there, or anyone who plays the game is obsessively addicted to it, here is what I just did, and I think it is awesome.  I spent all my time accumulating land so that I had a combined income of 100,000 pieces of gold per hour.  In the meantime, I’m being mercilessly attacked by those who are spending all their money on weapons.  I calculated that I could buy the most powerful equipment for 67 of my soldiers with 2.7 million pieces of gold.  So I bided my time, bought land, and more land, and got attacked more and more.  I also memorized names of those who attacked me while I was weak and mined me for gold.  I then had 100,000 per hour income, and 2.7 million in gold this morning.  I bought 67 Mithril Axes, 67 Mithril Sheilds, and 67 Teleports (the most powerful and expensive spells in the game at my level), and I began attacking them back (particularly a character called Chan Tihn).  They have been devestated.

I don’t know how long my power will last, but right now, the hunting is good.  Let me know if you play, and what your strategy is.