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Exciting Times in the Ridgeville Charge – Thanks to Trinity, Mt. Tabor, and Cypress UMC

Moving In

It has now been over a month since Amanda, Ransom, Bella and I moved from the hot suburbs of Bluffton and Hilton Head and packed our things for Ridgeville, Givhans, and the Lebanon community.

First things first, we have so many people to thank on so many different fronts that it would be impossible to name you all.  At Saint Andrew, our parting was bittersweet, but it was clear that we would remain in touch through the connection of the Methodist church, and we are so grateful for the encouragement as we entered transition.

When we arrived, the people of our three churches met us at our new parsonage and have been an incredibly welcoming presence.  If all visitors to our churches are welcomed with arms as open as we have been welcomed, we have a bright future ahead as the Ridgeville charge makes disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world!  The parsonage was completely remodeled from the time we visited months prior, and it was like a new home.  Folks from all three churches were there to help us get our luggage in and visited with us as we determined where all our “stuff” needed to go.  Afterwards, as we began opening boxes, the food and sweet tea brought to us by congregants helped us continue the charge, even as our first Sunday of worship was about to arrive and we would be traveling to all three churches and experiencing the Holy Spirit move in each.

We are now getting our bearings, and have visited Summerville, SC almost every third day.  That’s where Target and Walmart and Harris Teeter (and Thrift Stores) are located…so we’ve done a lot of that.   We found a coffee shop that we like thanks to some good folks that work nearby who suggested it to us.  It is Coastal Coffee Roasters, which reminds me a lot of The Corner Perk in Bluffton.  Coffee is roasted there on the spot, they have great drinks, and even use nitrous to spice of their cold brew iced coffees (which have an incredibly high caffeine content)  – Good stuff.

And back to Ridgeville and Givhans, we’re not too far from Vaughn’s General Store, and there is a great pizza place in town called Christina’s.  We actually got the internet for the first time at the parsonage, so our cellular data use has plummeted, and we were recommended to (and did) move from AT&T to Verizon (an ongoing process) because the signal out here in the country wasn’t strong enough…oh, and we got a home phone…never thought I’d do that again.

The only challenge we have come up against is that our house, which had originally been ready to sign and sell, is now back on the market due to a mortgage lender error in our first deal.  If you know anyone searching for a house in the Bluffton area, we have a 4 bedroom home that needs a good owner.  That link sends you to a tropical music 3D tour – so exciting.  We loved that home but need to sell it as soon as folks need it.  All in God’s hands and timing.

So here we are, getting to know some of the greatest people in the world, preparing for God’s will as we serve and love the people of this new area, and experiencing a new and exciting way of life.  I’ve included a few photos, including my biscotti pic from the amazing Ice Cream Social that all three churches participated in (and home made ice cream floweth…ed.”   It was amazing.  God is good.  This adventure suits us, as hard as it was to move, even with the little bits of stress, we are being blessed and hopefully will be a blessing to others.  Pray for us as we discover God’s will and act out the mission He has for us!

To you all, blessings and peace,

Dan, Amanda, Ransom and Bella

Extra Pics: 

Worship and Office Trinity UMC Ransom in a Chair Ransom and Bella Cokes on the chairs Coffee at Coastal Boxes and Baby Biscotti for the Charge Social Bella in the Yard Moving In

Moving to a New Place

Amanda and I will be moving a bit farther out into Bluffton soon.  This week (fingers crossed) we should be closing on a two level, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1 car garage home just off of Buckwalter (after the Movie Theater and the Publix plaza.  If you live in Bluffton, SC or Hilton Head Island, you know what I’m talking about.  For those of you scattered abroad, here are some pics:

Anyways.  Thats an incomplete picture.  As we move in we’ll post more photos of the moving in process.  I have more photos, but they have someone else’s furniture so I don’t want to use them 😉

Be back w more soon.


Final – Moved Into Bluffton, SC

It is official.  Our box collection and apartment have somehow turned into a home (mostly thanks to the hard work of Amanda and her home creating ways).  We now have our cars transferred to South Carolina, our Driver’s Licenses are now red and white (weird), and we have new Library Cards (the symbol of communal permanace).  So for that last time – here are the photos of our new home (all done up and pretty).

Moving in Progress 2

So we’re pretty much all unpacked, but now we have to decide where lots of extra things go! We’ve been buying up furniture and storage units to put in corners and nooks so that the Tides of Stuff do not ovewhelm the common spaces.  We think that it is coming along nicely so here are some progress pictures for you to see for yourself.   You’ll notice that we bought a new couch, entertainment center, a guest bed for the guest room and a dining room table (which has a crack, so they’re coming to put a new leg on it Monday – but its very nice).  Hope all is well wherever you’re seeing this from.

You might also notice my somewhat messy desk.  Amanda’s not too pleased with it, but I need to have some creative chaotic space.  Its part of the flow of artistry. No?

Our Move in Progress

Many of you know that Amanda and I just made a move to Bluffton, SC just off of Hilton Head Island for a youth ministry position I took at St. Andrew’s by the Sea Methodist church.  We’re very excited, but not as excited about having to pull out all the boxes and figure out where everything goes.  For those who can’t come and visit us (almost all of you right now), we want to give you some pictures to see our new apartment.  Against Amanda’s wishes, I’m going to show you the explosion that occurred when we started opening boxes.  Bless this mess, I suppose.  We’ll have it all in order within the week…right?