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“Life of Parson” – A Comic Based on the Humor of Everyday Faith

Life of Parson Title

“Life of Parson”

a comic based in the humor of everyday faith

I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time.  It basically goes like this: There are two things that you don’t see in PopCulture very often these days; people going to the bathroom and people going to Church.  While the first I understand, the second I don’t.  Faith plays a huge role in life, and I’ve particularly felt its impact on my own heart and my desire to love and do good in the world.  While I don’t own a Television Studio or a Movie Production Company, I do have friends that are excellent illustrators and I absolutely love to write.  In this case, I’ve partnered with my friend Mark Marianelli, of New Hampshire, who has an amazing illustration style.  I’ll be doing all the writing.  We love to laugh (as you may have experienced with our projects at Six AM Comics) and we are faith inspired people, so why not base a comic on the life of a good young pastor trying to do good.  I think this could push against some of the faith based stereotypes I’ve encountered and explore the silliness we all experience in community in general.  There is a huge chest of goodies that our pop culture doesn’t explore a whole lot these days.

For your pleasure, here is our first ‘Life of Parson’ Comic (Click Comic to Enlarge):

Life of Parson Comic

I hope this interests you?  And if so, once I have 50 interested people signed up on thisSpecial Persons contact list, I’m going to send out the second comic and the scripts as well as some interesting “Making Of” materials.  We’re not going to publish this like we do with our other webcomics because we want to test the interest in this kind of endeavor.  If the newsletter grows, Parson will flourish and the content will flow.  If it doesn’t, then we have many projects in the works.  Take a moment to let us know this is something you would like to see happen.  If it takes off, we’ll try and publish in different venues, but this is a test.  Lets see where this goes.  Sign up now below:

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Please share this blog with anyone you think will be interested.  Thanks in advance.

Pass It On: Waldo Date’s Carmen Sandiego – Brilliant

I love mashups and this is beautiful.  My 1st – 3rd grade life was full of big Waldo adventures and then in 4th – 6th grade, I spent so much time at the library looking for Carmen Sandiego with a World and USA Atlas.  This pic is worthy of passing around.  (Its being passed around on facebook, so you will have to find the source on your own):

Pass It On: Right and Left Brain Visualized by Missouri Institute on Natural Science

Thanks Missouri Institute of Natural Science for being Awesome and presenting this Mercedes Benz visualization on Facebook.

The text for the left brain reads:

“I am the left brain. I am a scientist. A mathematician. I love the familiar. I categorize. I am accurate. Linear. Analytical. Strategic. I am practical. Always in control. A master of words and language. Realistic. I calculate equations and play with numbers. I am order. I am logic. I know exactly who I am.”

And for the right brain:

“I am the right brain. I am creativity. A free spirit. I am passion. Yearning. Sensuality. I am the sound of roaring laughter. I am taste. The feeling of sand beneath bare feet. I am movement. Vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art. Poetry. I sense. I feel. I am everything I wanted to be.”

Personally, I employ both sides as needed.  I like to think I am balanced, though sometimes I am too far on one or the other side and I scare myself.  😀 -Dan

Want to See What People Gave Up for Lent this year Through Twitters Eyes? Wonder No More – And Happy Easter ;)

Christianity Today posted this visual representation of what people gave up for Lent this year.  As Easter comes, I will start wondering what life with Television is like again as I stop fasting.  Looks like there is a lot of sarcasm, but a lot of people giving up social media.  Very interesting.  Well, they’ll be back after tomorrow 😉

Pass It On: The Sleek Sheen of Darth Vader in Typography – Beautifully Done

I often peruse Gizmodo blog, and this really caught my eye (I was a Graphic Design major in college before switching to Religion/Philosophy).  Full pic below, and here is some info from the Giz article (click to jump)

Evan Travelstead has created this poster of Darth Vader using only typography and all his famous quotes, from I find your lack of faith disturbing to ***SPOILER ALERT***Luke, I am your father. The results are… remarkable. Here’s the full poster:

Old and New Media Distribution Methods – Picture

I Just scribbled this using the Pencil Tool in Paint.  It is a picture I saw in my mind today while reading about the tanking of Hulu, thanks to the Networks that bought it, then decided rather than build a platform and pioneer it, just take lots of money from Netflix.  A kernal in that article is about how Networks are losing ground and revenue to open distribution of media (easily downloaded media).  I’m a history kind of guy, so I naturally thought of “The way things probably used to be.”  I may be wrong, but this is what I pictured in that moment.  !

See the Article I wrote on Multempire using this Pic.